Boring, readable code.

Ozark is an open-source programming language currently under construction. Code written in Ozark is readable and reliable due to strict syntax rules. Ozark is used with Objects , a visual IDE for web and native software development.

Latest News Sample app for version 0.2.2 of the Ozark specification
inheritance Person

	property hiker:HikeAbility
	property hat:Hat?
	property map:Map?

	method prepare
		create map:Map; initialize
		create hat:Hat; initialize
		set @map <- map
		set @hat <- hat

	method climbMountain _mountain:Mountain
		with map:@map!
			map findTrail mountain:mountain -> trail
			@hiker followTrail trail -> success:result
			if result
				@speaker shout "Hello, world!"
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Ozark is open source under the GPL v3 license. It's hosted and developed on GitHub.

The Ozark language is still in early development. The compiler isn't available yet, and contributors are needed (especially people with compiler expertise).