Simple, readable code.

Ozark is an open-source programming language currently under construction. Code written in Ozark has elegant syntax and is purely object-oriented. Ozark is used with Objects , a visual IDE for web and native software development.

Latest News Sample app update for the working Ozark specification
inheritance Person

property @hat:Hat
property @map:Map
property @radio:Radio

extension setup
	make @:Hike; setup
	make @hat:Hat; setup
	make @map:Map; setup
	make @radio:Radio; setup

method climb mountain:Mountain
	@map findTrail mountain:mountain -> trail; set trail
	@ follow trail:trail -> location:result

	mountain -> trailhead:startingPoint
	mountain -> peak:destination

	if result is ...
	... destination
		print "Hello, world!"
	... startingPoint
		print "Oh no!"
	... none
		@radio callForHelp
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Ozark is open source under the GPL v3 license. It's hosted and developed on GitHub.

The Ozark language is still in early development, and the interpreter isn't available yet.